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Become a Volunteer
At Lone Hickory Arena Yadkinville, NC

At Uplands Reach safety is on the top of our priority list.  One of the ways we keep our campers safe is requiring all adults, who want to stay on campus during camps, go through volunteer training.  Adults (Parents and Youth Workers) are welcome to come and stay at camp with their campers.  We encourage all adults who want to come to go through the Volunteer training process.  The 4 steps are below.  Just click on each step to be able to complete the training process.  Once each adult has completed the four steps, click the “Next Steps” button and we will get a message letting us know you are ready for the next step.  We will contact you to give further information. 

We would encourage you, any parents, or other workers from your church to go through this process.  Adults who have completed the vol process will be given a Vol Name tag on the morning of camp that allows them to help with the campers, activities, and food service.  Essentially, they are allowed to interact with all the campers and can be a huge help to us during the camp day. Vols do not have to pay for the day but they do need to register as a Vol.  They will receive a special code once they complete the training process where there will be no charge and their lunch is included for their service that day.

If adults who stay during the camp day do not go through the vol training, they will wear a “guest” name tag, not be allowed to interact with other campers (even those from your church because our team possibly doesn’t know who is who)
and be instructed to stay with only their child. 

This is all for the safety of the children!  I’m sure you understand keeping our children safe!
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