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From Director Neal Hatfield

“Neal Hatfield is a man of integrity and a rock solid preacher of God’s Word. His passion for souls is unmistakable. His powerful preaching will bless your church fellowship.”

- K. Allen Blume, Editor for Biblical Recorder

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Bible at the Barn

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Latest Message from Neal

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How to schedule Neal:

What is the Cost?

Neal has no set fees to come to any ministry; he counts it an honor to be able to share Christ. His family and the ministry of Uplands Reach Conference Center live and operate by faith. If you choose to take a love offering, you are partnering with the ministry of Uplands Reach to reach this generation.


One serious stipulation to book a meeting is the commitment that you will develop a prayer and fasting team to pray for God to greatly move.


Because Neal and Sue run the ministry by faith a love offering is greatly appreciated. This enables the conference center to remain in operation. He also asks that an information table be set up to share about his family and Uplands Reach Conference Center.

"If you want God to change your life, spend time at Uplands Reach, or invite their ministry into your church.
Uplands Reach is a place on fire for Jesus and the Gospel! I have the privilege of pastoring Neal and Sue Hatfield, who love Jesus more than anything in this world. Neal has preached every year at Mount Vernon, and it is evident that God's anointing stirs his heart for souls and the Gospel. If you want God to change your life, spend time at Uplands Reach, or invite their ministry into your church. You will be blessed for doing it!"

— Pastor Greg Heisler, Madison Avenue Baptist Church, Maryville, TN

If you would like to schedule Neal to speak please feel free to use his personal email address or cell phone number.


Cell Phone: (336)940-0634

He looks forward to serving with you!

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