Uplands Reach is 501 c(3) non-profit ministry that hosts year-round retreats and conferences for juniors, tweens, teens, singles, families, college students, and married couples, using the life-changing power of the Word of God to impact lives. A rock solid commitment to biblical truth and morality has laid the foundation for this ministry.


Uplands Reach has been in the business of reaching young people for OVER 30 YEARS. Since 1992 over 100,000 young people have attended camps at Uplands Reach. People all around the world claim that Uplands Reach was a key to their call.  These champions are serving, or have served, in full time ministry in South East Asia, Brazil, Hungary, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, Ukraine, and Uganda.  Literally all over the world!  Many champions are serving as Pastors and Pastor's wives, as well as, other full time ministry positions in Alaska, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. Consider the champions who spent their summers at Uplands Reach who are now serving the Lord all over the United States! You can see the mighty power of the Word of God! It is a privilege to join with parents to build great warriors for JESUS CHRIST! We believe it is better building youth than mending men!