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No-Touchy -Campy

Uplands is famous for its "No-Touchy-Campy" policy.  In order to pursue holiness and honor God with our bodies, we prohibit physical contact between campers, staff, and anyone else who is participating.  However, high-fives and fistbumps are more than welcome!

Be Prepared

Be sure to bring your Bible, notebook, and pen to every service.  Camp is always a blast, but our priority is that you remain focused on grasping the biblical truths that are being poured into you!  

Get Involved

Get involved in Bible reading and Scripture memory.  We are afforded the luxury of built-in J.A.M. time (Jesus and me) and we want you to take full advantage of this!

Treat Everyone

with Respect

This is pretty straight forward but remember Matthew 22:39b,

"Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

Take Care of All Property

“If you use it, put it up. If you drop it, pick it up.
If you mess it up, clean it up. If you dirty it, wash it. “Leave everything better than you found it.”

Modesty is Key

Always follow the camp Dress Code and  remember to honor God with your clothing!

Turn in Your Keys

As a staff, our greatest burden is your safety.  Ask any camper what brother Neal's three favorite words are and they'll tell you "SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY!"  So please turn in your vehicle keys to your group leader at Check-In.

Turn in Your Phone

Once campers arrive at URCC event, they will be able to call and let parents and guardians know that they have arrived safely.  In order to keep the spiritual focus on the camp, all campers must turn in their cell phones.

Respect Lights Out

Respect the designated lights out time.  Days at camp are wide open and it is vital that everyone gets as much sleep as possible!  Trust us, you will need it!

Pranks are never allowed

We expect each individual to treat those around them with the utmost respect.  Pranks/practical jokes generally do not show love and respect. 

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