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Walk of Champions 

Purchase a brick, reach a kid!
In our new facility there will be a Walk of Champions. Beautiful bricks
will be engraved with the names of those you wish to honor or
memorialize. All who enter will see champions who you dearly love.
We want you to invest in engraved bricks. The Walk of Champions
will recognize those who are very special to you. It is a powerful way
to say, ‘I appreciate and love you because you made a real impact in
my life.’ You may wish to purchase a brick for your church or pastor
as a way of saying they have left an influential mark on you. Dear
friends and family members can be honored and memorialized. The
back of this sheet will allow you to print clearly the names of those
you wish to honor and give according to the number and size of bricks
you choose. You can show your love and appreciation to people who
mean so much to you. What a lasting tribute for those who have cared
enough to pour into your life. James Dobson said it best, “In the end,
all that will matter is; who you loved, who loved you, and what you
did with Jesus.” What an incredible way to say, ‘I love you!’

Contact our office to purchase a brick

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