The Uplands Team is gearing up for another life-changing summer, and we would live YOU to be a part of it!  Our team works hard throughout the week serving and preparing for camps.  So when people like you graciously provide a wholesome, tasty meal, it energizes our bodies and encourages our souls.  It gives a whole new meaning to the term "soul food".  Your gift also cuts down on camp costs and allows us to keep loving kids!

Food wise, our team isn't picky.  Just bring something filling! Don't worry about bringing desserts or beverages, and we will provide all utensils and paper products.  We typically have supper at 6:00pm unless otherwise specified.  Our team will take care of unloading, setting up, serving, and washing.


Below is a pdf of our meal calendar.  Please pray about being involved in this invaluable ministry.  In the past we have had Sunday School Classes, Ladies Groups, Youth Groups, and individuals prepare and deliver these meals.   We would absolutely love for you to enjoy the meal with us if you can!

For more information, or to schedule a date, please email Caty Young at

We are so grateful for people like you who help us build world changers for Jesus Christ!

Summer Meal