Teen/Captains Camp

July 6-7, 2021

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Attention all teens!! Don't miss Captains Camp, July 6-7 at Lone Hickory Arena in Yadkinville, NC.  It's only $50!  

It will be a time to grow, push yourself, serve others, and have a blast.  We will be camping inside the arena.  So, you will need to bring a small tent along with your sleeping bag and be ready to let Jesus flip you world upside down! It will be camp like you have never experienced before!

Check-in begins Tuesday at 6:00pm.  Be there to pick up your teen at 9:00pm Wednesday!

Teen/Captain Camp

Sign up today because space is limited. 
Prove yourself worthy and you can earn a position to be a Captain at Junior Camp!

For those interested in serving at Junior Camp:

The Uplands Reach Captain Program is a great opportunity for teens to serve alongside our Staff, Crew members, and Boot Campers at Junior Camp.  To be eligible for the Captain's Program you must (1)attend Captain's Camp July 6-7 (click the 'Register Now' button above), (2) submit an application, (3) submit a parental reference, (4) submit a pastoral reference, and (5) commit to being on campus from 6:00 pm the Monday before Junior Camp begins (July 19), until 9:00 pm Tuesday (July 20). Captains are given various leadership responsibilities.  When campers are present, they may be assisting our team leaders, helping lead an activity, or working in the Canteen amongst other things.  When the campers have gone home, Captains will be helping our team better the campus.  They will also be challenged through teaching from our Director Neal Hatfield, participating in awesome recreation, and spending time in personal devotion.
Becoming a Captain is an opportunity you don't want to miss!