What it’s all about

What is Daughters of the King?
Daughters of the King is a one day event for girls in sixth grade through college. It is an opportunity for young women to come and just be themselves. Whether you are a country girl with a passion for the outdoors, or a pampered girl that loves make-up and manicures, OR BOTH, Daughters of the King is the place to be! Not only are the activities fun and engaging, but the messages are relevant to today’s femininity struggles and speaks to the heart of each young lady.
What is its purpose?
Girls of all ages are bombarded by today’s cultural standards. They are told how to dress, what size to be, how to act, what to pursue, and most importantly, who to love. The problem is that this world’s ideas do not align with God’s design for ladies. Girls need the opportunity to be themselves without the pressure to be something different. They also need the Truth of who God is, and who they are in Him. It is the heart of Uplands Reach to show young women His Truth.