Vision Statement

Phase I:
a. Sale of current property. Pray that God will open all the doors for this to happen.
b. Develop godly, professional team to advise in all aspects of new development
c. Host a major capital campaign for developmental funds
d. Obtain new property for camp that has main highway access and river frontage
e. Complete all projects debt free
Phase II:
a. Acquire permitting for development
b. Grading for development phases
c. Stage One Building
i. Indoor multi-purpose arena
ii. Two bath houses
iii. Two utility buildings (60X80)
iv. Sixty acres of pasture and fencing
v. Conestoga wagon compound for guys
vi. Tee-Pee village for ladies
vii. Athletic fields for football, baseball, and soccer
viii. Outdoor shooting range
d. Development for five future divisions
i. Athletic Division
ii. Equestrian Division
iii. Wilderness Division
iv. Art and Music Division
v. Aquatic Division
Phase III:
a. Stage Two Building i. Girls Dorm
ii. Farm-Tech Style Meeting Facility
iii. Artisan Lab
iv. Hay Barn
Phase IV:
a. Stage Three Building: Western Town
i. Ice Cream/Coffee Shop
ii. Camp Store
iii. Blacksmith Shop
iv. Central Gathering Area
Our purpose is to develop a world class Christian camp and conference center that will draw youth and adults from all 50 states, triple attendance over the next five years, and build world changers who will invade the USA for the cause of Christ. These world changers will shine as a light to bring about a great revival, drawing multitudes to the Savior.