Summer Meal Team

Would you partner with us this summer by providing an evening meal for our Summer Team of Staff, Crew, and Interns?
When generous people like you bring a meal, the expense of maintaining our Team is minimized, and we are able to keep camp costs as low as possible so that more kids and teens can afford to attend. We cannot express how much it encourages and energizes our Team to know that a good meal is on its way, and please don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be anything fancy…just filling! Our Team isn’t picky!
We typically have dinner at 6:00pm, unless otherwise specified.
Our Team will meet you when you arrive and take over the unloading, setting up, and serving. If your schedule permits, we would love for you to stay and enjoy the meal with us. Also, so that our Team can pursue healthy eating habits and stay physically fit for a busy summer, we ask that you not bring dessert or beverages (we’ll drink water instead). We provide plates, napkins, and utensils so you do not have to worry about bringing those. Also, our Team will clean up after the meal and send your dishes home squeaky clean!
Please pray about being involved in this very important ministry.
In the past we have had Sunday School Classes, Ladies Groups, Youth Groups, and individuals prepare and deliver these meals. I’m so grateful for people like you who help us build world changers for Jesus Christ!
For more info or to book a meal contact our office 336-667-7177 or