Staff Guidlines

Uplands Staff seek to glorify God within the spheres of self, family, church, work, and community, allowing their lives to be governed by the Scriptures, and guarding their individual testimonies as well as the testimony of the Conference Center as a whole. Uplands Staff agree not to engage in behaviors that might serve as a stumbling block to those who are watching.
Glorifying God in the Sphere of Self
Uplands Staff understand that it is their responsibility to cultivate their personal relationship with God through the daily spiritual disciplines of time spent in the Word, prayer, meditation, and personal evangelism.
Uplands Staff are in continual pursuit of personal purity, seeking to remove anything from their lives that hinders their relationship with Jesus Christ. This includes abstaining from the use of mind altering substances including, but not limited to, alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco, as well as the abuse of prescription drugs. Furthermore, Staff refrain from viewing, listening to, or reading pornographic or sexually explicit materials that afford sexual gratification outside of the bounds of marriage.
Uplands Staff are in agreement with Bible doctrine as outlined in The Baptist Faith and Message.
Glorifying God in the Sphere of Family
Uplands Staff uphold God’s definition of marriage as a sacred union between one man and one woman only. We also agree that any sexual involvement outside of this is fornication and thereby sin.
Uplands Staff recognize that after their commitment to God, their primary priority is the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of their family.
Glorifying God in the Sphere of Church
Uplands Staff are actively serving members of a biblically sound congregation, one which upholds and promotes the doctrines outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message.
Glorifying God in the Sphere of Work
Uplands Staff practice the biblical models of hard work complimented by rest and reflection.
Uplands Staff seek to promote an effective and unified work environment defined by respect for authority and adherence to biblical conflict resolution.
Glorifying God in the Sphere of Community
Uplands Staff understand that they are ambassadors of Christ as well as representatives of the Conference Center and thereby seek to protect their personal testimony and the testimony of the Conference Center as a whole.
Uplands Staff view their community — on the city, state, and national levels — as a mission field and serve as catalysts for spiritual growth through personal evangelism and discipleship.