Camper Guidelines

Uplands Reach Dress Code
We require modest shorts (no shorter than your fingertips) for both guys and girls. Shirts are to be of modest length with no skin showing in the midriff area. Sleeveless shirts are permitted as long as they are modest under the arm. Spaghetti straps, tank tops, and halter tops are not acceptable. For water activities, we ask that guys and girls wear darker clothing. For girls, this means shorts and a dark t-shirt over their swimsuit. For guys, this means swimming trunks and a dark t-shirt. In all aspects of the Dress Code, modesty is the key. If you have any questions about the Dress Code, please feel free to call our office at 336.667.7177.
Teen Camp Rules
1. This is a NO TOUCHY CAMPY!!
2. Bring your Bible, notebook, and pen to every service.
3. Get involved in your Bible reading and Scripture Memory.
4. Treat everyone with respect.
5. Take care of all URCC property. Groups or individuals are liable for any damage caused during their visit.
6. Follow the camp dress code and dress modestly.
7. Turn your vehicle keys in to your URCC Small Group Leader. Only Staff vehicles area allowed on Bethel Pass.
8. Turn your cell phone in to your URCC Small Group Leader.
9. You are only allowed in your assigned dorm. Never go in your dorm without a URCC Staffer.
10. Do not share a bed.
11. You are responsible for keeping your dorm clean. Every morning dorms must be cleaned, beds made, floors swept, and trash put in the dumpster. Remember that URCC is God’s property.
12. Respect the designated lights out time.
13. Pranks are never allowed.
14. Campers are not allowed on or behind the stage.
15. No TV, magazines, music systems, gaming systems, weapons (including knives), matches, fireworks, tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. All drugs, prescription and non prescription, must be given to the Camp Nurse.